Top 10 Sites for John Deere Toys


1. Liberty Toy Tractor Co is still my favorite independent dealer because of their fast, friendly service and lower prices on many items. Prices are listed on the website and they are ranked high because they have a wide selection.

2. Bossen Farm Toy Implements carrys a large number of items in stock with thumbnail images for many, but not every toy. Clicking the image expands it to show the toy in greater detail. Nice!!! This is a well designed and easy to browse web site. Prices are listed for all items in stock, seem to be up-to-date, and the prices are often better than most (but not all) secondary market dealers.

3.  Delta Implement Very nice selection available. Their prices are better than average on many toys. They have mostly new toys though, as is typical for most JD dealers.

4. Dakotaland Equipment is Heritage's major internet competition and their prices have been very competitive.

5. Hill Top Sales is a good site with good prices and worth a visit. You will have to call to get a better idea of what they have available.

6. RGM ranks in the top ten with a nice selection of some rarer items. You need to be knowledgeable about toys in general to make best use of a site like this. Fair market prices on most items and they do get my business.

7. Schlatter's Farm Toys is new to the top ten list. I found them through ebay auctions and I am very impressed by their speed and service in fulfilling orders. They also buy, trade, repaint and restore tractors. Please check them out and see if they have the toy you want.

8. GNC Toys If you know toy prices in general, you can find yourself a good deal here. They aren't set up for credit cards, but the dealer says they don't hold checks.

9. Fred's Super Dollar Store FRED'S IS BACK ON THE NET!!! PLease check out their new site! I visited the store in person and found they have a LOT of toys scattered all around their store (kind of like an old-fashioned, small-town dime store). I make stops at their store whenever I am traveling on I-65 between Birmingham and Nashville. It pays to call them.

10. No Number Ten winner at this time...

Congratulations to our Top Ten ... You are all winners! Keep up the good work and we'll keep sending customers your way.