The Rating System


I got rid of the rating system... I can't keep up with prices anymore and I felt I couldn't fairly rank by price. I am still ranking dealers in the top ten by my personal experience in terms of service, value, delivery speed, and selection. Your experience may differ from mine.

Warning... Prices listed on the Internet may be OLD and current prices can be much higher. Don't be surprised if the dealer's final price is higher than that listed on a web site.

A word about Internet shopping: Most dealers I've dealt with are honest people with a legitimate business, but not all. Yes, there are some dishonest sellers out there and I have met them! Prices vary widely around the country due to differences in the local demand for toys.

Internet auctions occasionally provide bargains compared to retail prices, but know the fair market value of the merchandise before bidding and know who you are dealing with before paying for the item. Often the selling price is close to, if not over the fair market price!

Remember that the condition of the toy's packaging (or lack of packaging) can greatly affect the value of a collectible toy. Also be aware that some dealers include the shipping price in the advertised price of a toy, while others add significant charges for shipping and handling. Shipping prices are quite a bit higher now. Be sure to ask about the return policy, including any restocking fee for returned items.