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Welcome to the site devoted to the appreciation of John Deere farm toys!

Please bookmark this site now. It will help you find special models and make it easier to compare prices. If you buy a model from one of the dealers listed here, please let me know, and be sure to tell the dealer you found them through the JD Collectible Toy Tractor website.

Sorry this site is all messed up at the moment. Tripod rearranged their servers and I lost some files. I am trying to get things back into shape. The links are here on this page. You may have to reload the page or scroll right if you can't see them. I will fix the problems soon and plan to add 75 new links to the site as my time allows.

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Top Ten Favorite Sites

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John Deere Dealers

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Secondary Market Dealers

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Non-John Deere Sites

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REAL John Deere Tractors

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Toy Manufacturers

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Internet Auction Sites

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My Rating System

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JD R by Stephan John Deere, Ertl, SpecCast, ebay,, and other tradenames and trademarks are registered by their respective companies and are used here only for descriptive purposes. This website is not authorized or supported by any company. This is a private collector's page open to the public.
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